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Kavana's community gatherings offer opportunities to build understanding, lend support and have fun.

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For open-minded dialogue and intellectual stimulation, come learn with Kavana.

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Kavana programs for Shabbat and Jewish holidays offer many different ways to connect with Jewish ritual and tradition.

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Kavana is an independent Jewish community in Seattle. We strive to create a supportive communal environment in which individuals and families can use "kavana" - intention - to create a Jewish life that is spiritually fulfilling, intellectually satisfying, fun, and meaningful.

Kavana has a unique approach to building Jewish community:

  • Cooperative Model - As the first Jewish cooperative of its kind, partners share in the task of creating Jewish life for the group.
  • Non-Denominational & Pluralistic - Kavana draws participants from highly diverse backgrounds and provides for multiple entry points to Jewish involvement.
  • "Personalized Judaism in a Community Context" - Kavana acknowledges and embraces the dynamic tension between an individual's interest and needs, versus the desire to create community.
  • Local - Kavana believes that Jewish communal life will best thrive in settings which are local, organic and intimate.

Mini Camp!

Mini Camp is back by popular demand!  This one week camp is geared towards preschoolers and kiddos in kindergarten. Please click here for more information and to save your child's spot in camp.

Did You Know...

Kavana has been named one of the top American Jewish Organizations by Slingshot!  This is our fifth appearance in the guide, and we couldn't be more proud.

"The Kavana Cooperative shows the Jewish world how to build a community that engages people as producers rather than simply consumers of their Jewish lives."

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